Friday, July 26, 2013

A New Chapter In My Life

Next week begins a new chapter in my life. I applied for a job at many of the local hospitals. It is taking photos of the newborn babies. Above are some of the photos I have taken along with the business cards I have ordered. I thought it would be a perfect job for me because I love babies and taking photos. I am excited to enter back in the work force but at the same time I am a little torn about leaving my youngest and still being able to get everything done. The first 7 days I will be working each day for 5 hours then my hours will vary.

My blogging has had to take the back burner between orientations, online testing, training and visits to the doctor. I feel blessed with this opportunity. The fact that they are willing to train me is something I never thought would be offered at no cost. For years I had debated going back to school but it did not fit in the schedule with family time nor did we have the extra money. I will still be publishing this blog it just may not be as much until I have established a routine.

My family is the most important thing so I am praying that the schedule works with all the things we have going on. Our son is 10 and this will mean more time home alone. His sister is 16 but is working. Some days she will be able to be with him others she will not. It is a part time job. I know that he will be okay but it still is tugging a bit on my heart. I have always been the mom there for everything. I have never missed things at school. I am asking God to lead me down this path. If it does work out it will be wonderful. If not I can at least say I tried. Thank you all for being continued readers of my blog and for your support! I will keep you all posted as things move along.