Saturday, March 30, 2013

Crayon Art


One of my daily rituals is browsing the DIY section of Pinterest. If any of you do the same, then I’m sure you have seen the melted drippy crayon art. Intrigued by the concept of melted wax, I started playing around with crayons and hair dryers. I thought the “Drip” was cool, but over done and a bit boring. By exploring different methods of heating and blowing, I came up with something pretty cool and unique. Below is my process along with some tips and tricks.... OR if DIY isn't your thing just Click to Buy!



Supplies You'll Need
LOTS of Crayons {I suggest getting the cheap kind at the $ store}
Hair Dryer
Heat Gun {Optional}
Exacto Knife or a sharp kitchen knife
Paper Plate or piece of cardboard



I suggest separating the colors {Red, Green, Blues, etc.} It keeps things organized, and its much easier way to pick the right color tones.  I then shell the colors I want. I use an exacto knife and make an incision in the paper jacket. If you don’t have an exacto knife use a small sharp knife.



Grab your canvas and a color and start!! I suggest starting with a corner, its easier to build upon. If you want a watercolor look, start with a dark shade like navy blue and layer with a lighter shade of the same color. If you want a dramatic shade contrast add a little white at the end. 



Tips and Tricks for Heating and Blowing
You pretty much always want your heat level to be on hot, but high and medium speeds melt the wax in different ways. Medium speed is slightly more controlled and will allow you to thicken up a color by layering. High speed will give you a spray effect and is good to achieve the watercolor effect.  If you want to use a heat gun put it on low and about 75O degrees. I usually use a heat gun to puddle a color and then I use a hair dryer to move the wax in a certain direction. Heat guns are also key for the drip effect.


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This post is thanks to Artistic Junkie